photo credit: Sharada Prasad (CC)

Rapid prototypes

Intellectica has helped numerous startup companies produce product prototypes. I can often ship an operational prototype within a matter of weeks, reducing the time it takes for a startup to start learning. We can handle everything from coding to hosting; the only thing you need to bring is an idea.

Web applications

My current focus is leveraging cloud computing infrastructure, HTML5 and JavaScript to build browser-based applications. This means I use the web browser to do most of the work (in JavaScript), so that the application is faster, more responsive to the user and requires fewer server resources. I am well versed in many HTML5 development libraries, including GWT, and usually choose Java for server code.

High performance code

I've spent most of my life implementing algorithms that solve difficult problems. This has given me a deep understanding of how to build fast code that operates with minimal resources. I have a PhD in computer science and I get a kick from making code run fast.

Production quality

I've been coding for a long time. I deliver high quality code using best practice software methods such as agile software development, source control, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.