photo credit: Daerek Gavey (CC)

Tools for decisions

Many organizations use a spreadsheet to help make important operational decisions, such as staff levels or big purchases. Although spreadsheets are a useful tool, when decisions start getting complex, it can be all to easy to make a mistake. A logic engine manages that complexity and gives you confidence in operational decisions.

What is a logic engine

A logic engine gives a computer the ability to reason. By defining rules and metrics the logic engine understands your problem. We can then ask it to check rules or calculate metrics, but it can also be used to provide explanations when rules are broken, and even suggest changes that will satisfy the rules.

Think together

When a human decision maker uses software with a built-in logic engine, the computer can provide support by checking rules, evaluating measures and making suggestions as the person makes choices. Working together, this results in less stress, fewer mistakes, and better decisions.

Features and Benefits

  • Never forget to check a rule
  • Explanations when problems are detected and suggestions on how to fix them
  • Shows good choices with warnings on choices that will break rules
  • Manages the complexity from the combination of many rules
  • User maintainable with rule customizations
  • As many rules, metrics, or key performance indicators as you need